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The world leader in Laser Barcode Scanning and Mobile Data Collection, Zebra (formerly SYMBOL TECHNOLOGIES) supports an extensive product base of scanners, portable mobility terminals and network components. With the ability to read linear and 2D barcodes, Symbol products are used worldwide in Retail, Manufacturing, Warehousing and a host of other applications.

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The leader in wireless data collection, Symbol supports all industry standard protocols for LAN, WAN and PAN, including 802.11 and Bluetooth as well as Batch Applications. SSE Technologies offers system application software (click) these products as a complete solution for your needs including Warehousing, Inventory, Work-in-process and others

Linear (1D) Tethered barcode scanners

All scanners are available in kit form with cabling for most interfaces. These include Keyboard Wedge, RS-232, USB, Scanner Emulation, cash registers and POS terminals.

LS 2208 - General purpose laser, all interfaces.

LS 9208 - Omni-directional countertop laser.

LS4208 - Industrial, high performance laser all interfaces.
LS3408ER LS3408ER - Industrial High Performance scanner 5'-40' range..
ls3408fz LS3408FZ - Industrial, Fuzzy Logic for linear codes.

2D Tethered barcode scanners

ds4208 DS4208 -High Performance Imager - All 1 & 2D codes.
ds9208 DS9208 - Linear & 2D omnidirectional counter scanner
DS9808 DS9808 - 1D & 2D omnidirectional counter scanner
DS6707 DS6707 - All linear and 2D codes.
DS3508 Industrial Area Imager

DS3508 - Industrial area imager for all codes. Direct Part Marking available


Cordless barcode scanners

P370 P370 - Cordless (50 ft. range) scanner kit
ls4278 LS4278 - Cordless general purpose linear.
ds3578 DS3578 - Industrial cordless for all linear and 2d codes
ls3578 LS3578ER - Industrial cordless, long range, linear codes.
cordless barcode scanners | LS3478

LS3578FZ - Rugged Industrial hi-performance linear.

cordless barcode scanners | LI4278

LI4278 - General purpose linear.

ds6878hc DS6878 - Cordless for all linear and 2d codes. Available in healthcare plastics.
mt2000 MT2000 - Cordless industrial linear and 2D. Bluetooth & Ethernet interfaces.


Terminals offer memory expansion and optional radios for 802.11B, CDMA/GPRS and Bluetooth. Select from Charging and communications cradles for USB, RS-232 and Ethernet connectivity.

MC3000 MC3000 - Industrial Rated Data Collection Terminal 802-11 a/b/g
MC3100 - Industrial Rated Data Collection Terminal 802-11 a/b/g
MC55 MC55 - Compact mobile terminals PDA style 802.11 a/b/g or GPRS.
MC65 - Compact mobile terminals PDA style 802.11 a/b/g or GPRS.

MC9190 - Handheld Warehouse Mobile Computer 802.11, Bluetooth & CDMA.


MC9200 - Newest - Handheld Warehouse Mobile Computer 802.11, Bluetooth & CDMA.

MC9500 - Premium Industrial Class Rugged Mobile Computer, GSM & CDMA

MC75 - Compact Ergonomic Terminal with 802.11 a/b/g, cellular, & GPS